Our Firm

More than thirty years of experience have consolidated Pfeffer & Asociados as one of the most prestigious and important law firms in Chile.

Law Firm founded in March 1980 by Mr. Emilio Pfeffer Pizarro (1928-2009) and Mr. Hugo Gálvez Gajardo (1920-1995), both attorneys with extensive experience in the Chilean legal and judicial system.

Renowned and prominent attorneys have formed a part of the Firm, such as Mr. Santiago Larraguibel Zavala (1916-2005) and Mr. Carlos Martínez Sotomayor (1929-2006), who were prominent in their respective areas of specialization coming to be recognized both at a national level as well as at an international level for their very important contributions to the legal discipline that they embraced as professional practice.

In its track record of more than thirty years, Pfeffer & Asociados has consolidated as one of the most prestigious law offices in the country, with a presence in almost all areas of professional practice. It has intervened in important litigation before the justice system, and also, in its capacity as legal advisor, in important investment projects materialized in Chile.